Alexander Adams is an artist, critic and poet, based in the UK. He writes art criticism for The Critic, Standpoint, Apollo, Burlington Magazine, Print Quarterly, Printmaking Today, The Jackdaw and other publications. He publishes articles on censorship and free speech, as well as book reviews, on The Critic, whynow and Spiked-Online websites.

His art is in numerous public art collections throughout the world, including the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), the National Museum of Wales (Cardiff), Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool), Northampton Museum, Varna City Art Gallery (Bulgaria), State Darwin Museum (Moscow), and the university art collections of Liverpool, Wales (Aberystwyth), Northumbria and Indiana.

He is author of five books of poetry: Three Strikes (Bottle of Smoke Press, 2011), The Crows of Berlin (Pig Ear Press, 2013), On Dead Mountain (Golconda Fine Art Books, 2015), On Art (Golconda Fine Art Books, 2018), On Art II (Golconda Fine Art Books, 2020) and After/Apres Francis Bacon (Golconda Fine Art Books, 2022). He has published fiction with Aloes Books, London, since 2016. These books can be purchased at this page on The Bournbrook Press.

In January 2018 he was the recipient of the 2018 Artist Scholarship from the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation, Monaco.

On 1 March 2019 Adams’s Culture War: Art, Identity Politics and Cultural Entryism was published by Imprint Academic. Link to publisher’s website here: http://books.imprint.co.uk/book/?gcoi=71157100083870 

In October 2020 Adams’s Iconoclasm, Identity Politics and the Erasure of History was published by Imprint Academic. You can view the book at the publisher’s website here: http://books.imprint.co.uk/book/?gcoi=71157100232570

On 1 August 2022 Women & Art: A Post-Feminist View was published by Academica Press. You can view the book on the publisher’s website here: https://www.academicapress.com/node/536

On 2 August 2022 Artivism: The Battle for Museums in the Era of Postmodernism was published by Imprint Academic. You can view the book at the publisher’s website here: http://books.imprint.co.uk/book/?gcoi=71157100177520

He is also the author of “Degas” and “Magritte” in the Masters of Art series, published by Prestel.

You can support his work by buying his books or donating to him on Ko-Fi here.

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