Publication: “Towards a Based Barbican”


Alexander Adams,Towards a Based Barbican: Outline for a Dissident Arts Centre, Golconda Fine Art Books, March 2022, first edition, 16pp, English, 80gsm cream paper, one-colour blue paper cover, A5 size, ISBN : 978-1-9999614-3-5, 50 copies, each signed and numbered, £2.50 + £2 p&p (UK and worldwide). Any future edition will be in cream covers and will not be signed.

“This pamphlet covers the potential advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated arts centre that would be committed to presenting dissident, dissenting, reactionary, anti-progressive and traditionalist cultural material. It is partly an expansion upon three articles: an opinion piece published on Bournbrook Magazine website, a book review published on The Brazen Head website, both written in February 2022, and “Towards a based Eisteddfod”, Bournbrook Magazine website, October 2021. This pamphlet includes new material and expands the discussion about the Barbican Arts Centre, London to present a wider view. Here, I take an overview of the challenges facing any cultural venture in this field. These steps and principles may be taken up by other writers with specialist experience.” 


This book may be purchased directly from me (by emailing), via Amazon (UK residents only) or by visiting this page and contacting me Payments are £4.50 per book or £2 p&p + £2.50 per book for multiple orders. Payments can be received by bank transfer, cheque, cash and PayPal.

UPDATE: As of March 2023 all copies SOLD OUT.

AA public speech: 27-9 August, Midlands, UK

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I shall be speaking at the event Where Do We Go From Here? The Paths to Liberty and Heritage, 27-9 August 2021 at a venue in the Midlands. The topic of my talk will be about preserving traditions and heritage in a time when academia, heritage and culture organisations, elected politicians and the press support the increasing politicisation of the arts. I will be presenting some alternative ways of thinking and ways to form networks and systems that will encourage greater intellectual and artistic independence from the state. The text will be entirely new; there are no plans to publish it or to record the talk. A limited number of copies of my books “Culture War” and “Iconoclasm” will be available for purchase at the event and I can sign copies. I’m happy to meet and talk with attendees.

Find details, general information and booking details here.

UPDATE: There will be a publication of papers presented at the event (estimated for September). My paper on the future of arts independent of the state, will be included. This is the only way of reading the paper. The book costs £50 and will be available through the website, regardless of whether they attend the talk.

Public appearance, London, 2 Nov.

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I am pleased to announce that I shall be appearing at the Barbican in early November. As part of the Battle of Ideas I shall discussing my book Culture War: Art, Identity Politics and Cultural Entryism (Societas, 2019), with a chance to for audience questions. The event takes place on Saturday 2 November 12.00-13.00, Barbican, London. I believe the event will be followed by a book signing. Tickets for the event are one- or two-day entry tickets to the festival.